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PREMO releases BCBM-11KW-004 11 KW LLC combined transformer and resonance inductor for OBC

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Image of Premo's new 3.6KW LLC set Transformer and Resonance Inductor

Grupo Premo, a leading manufacturer of inductive components, has announced a new series of LLC transformers combined with a resonance inductor for on-board chargers. Transformers are essential components of on-board chargers that convert AC power from charging stations or home units into DC power that can charge a vehicle's battery.

BCBM-11KW-004 Transformer Inductor

Premo has launched a new series of on-board chargers, the BCBM-11KW-004, designed to convert AC power from external charging stations or home charging units into DC power needed to charge electric vehicle batteries. The compact and lightweight design of the combined transformer and resonance inductor ensures high efficiency and reliability, minimizing energy losses during the charging process. This is especially important for electric vehicles, as it helps to maximize range and minimize charging times. The part is highly durable and able to withstand daily use in demanding environments, thanks to the use of specific thermal conductive encapsulation material. The manufacturing process is fully automated, ensuring top-notch quality levels to meet high volume demand from electric and hybrid vehicles. The BCBM family includes solutions with 4kW, 7kW, 11kW, and 22kW, as well as customizable options according to customer requirements.

Grupo Premo has developed a highly efficient triple 3.6 KW LLC set, specifically designed for on-board chargers capable of handling up to 11 kilowatts of power. The BCBM-11KW-004 series is a high-reliability and high-efficiency solution that minimizes energy losses during the charging process, reducing the overall energy consumption of the charging system. This feature is especially important for electric vehicles, where efficient use of energy is crucial for maximizing range and minimizing charging times.

Video Introduction to the BCBM-11KW-004

The compact design of the BCBM-11KW-004 series, measuring 158x98x38cm and weighing only 1500g, makes it ideal for use in electric vehicle on-board chargers where space is limited. It is also highly durable, built to withstand demanding environments and daily use. The use of specific thermal conductive encapsulation material, such as CoolmagTM, improves the part's performance capability. During manufacturing, the encapsulation process guarantees that there are no bubbles or voids inside the part, preventing thermal runaways or failures.


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