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Bruckewell's GaN on Sapphire: A New Era in Semiconductor Efficiency

Image depicting Bruckewell's GaN on Sapphire Solutions

Introducing Bruckewell's GaN on Sapphire Pioneers: HMHL065N185C, HMHL065N210E, and HMHL065N170CI

In the ever-evolving landscape of power semiconductor technology, Bruckewell’s GaN on Sapphire series emerges as a game-changer. These devices, namely the HMHL065N185C, HMHL065N210E, and HMHL065N170CI, are not just regular transistors; they are at the forefront of innovative technology, offering unique advantages over traditional GaN on Si.

GaN on Sapphire: A Technological Breakthrough

What sets these devices apart is their GaN on Sapphire technology. This innovative approach ensures superior backside insulation and significantly lower leakage currents. This technology is particularly beneficial in high-voltage applications where insulation and leakage can be critical factors.

GaN on Sapphire refers to a manufacturing process where Gallium Nitride (GaN), a semiconductor material, is grown on a sapphire substrate. Sapphire, a form of aluminium oxide, is chosen for its high electrical insulation and thermal conductivity properties. This combination allows for the creation of semiconductor devices that have superior electrical insulation and can handle high voltages and temperatures efficiently, making them suitable for power electronics and other high-performance applications. This technology contrasts with traditional GaN on Silicon, offering distinct advantages in terms of performance and reliability.


The 650V GaN Cascode is a testament to Bruckewell's engineering excellence. It’s designed for applications requiring robust performance and reliability. This is based on a “normally on” GaN switch and a “normally off” Si MOSFET for the gate realization, resulting in a common “normally off” component. GaN “normally on” switches are less expensive to manufacture. The compatible gate voltage range of +/-20V is achieved which works with power supplies in the range from 20W to 3kW.


This 650V GaN E-mode power transistor is tailored for those needing efficient switching and power management in their applications.

HMHL065N170CI: Unique in its offering, this 650V GaN cascode comes with an integrated gate driver circuit, streamlining the design process and enhancing performance. The slew rate is set via an external resistor RSET between 10 kOhm and 100 kOhm. The IC requires a supply voltage between 10V and 30V. It is controlled by a PWM at 5V or 15V up to 1MHz.

Key Features

  • Voltage Ratings: All three devices operate at 650V, providing ample headroom for various power applications.

  • Package Size: With an 8mm x 8mm PDFN package, these devices are designed for space efficiency without compromising on performance.

  • Power Range: Catering to a broad spectrum, these devices are suitable for power supplies ranging from 20W to 3kW.

Applications: Where They Shine

These devices find their place in digital power supplies, particularly with QR and LLC topologies. From consumer electronics to industrial applications, the versatility of the HMHL065N185C, HMHL065N210E, and HMHL065N170CI means they can adapt to various scenarios, bringing efficiency and reliability.

Gan on Sapphire with SiC Diode 650V charger solution

Bruckewell use the HMHL065N185C GaN/ Sap. with the CBR06P65HL SiC Diode to build a 150W charger solution, with efficiency > 94%. With the CBR06P65HL, Bruckewell recommends a suitable SiC Schottky diode as the PFC diode. The buffer layer has a simple structure, thin profile, and high reliability which is ideal for industrial, EV and servo motor applications.

In Conclusion

As we move forward in the realm of power semiconductors, Bruckewell’s HMHL065N185C, HMHL065N210E, and HMHL065N170CI stand as beacons of innovation and reliability. For electronic engineers looking to push the boundaries of their designs, these devices offer the perfect blend of performance and pioneering technology.

For more information or to arrange samples, contact your local Ineltek office.


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