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Bruckewell: A Superior Choice for MOSFET Technology

Image of Bruckewell MOSFET

An Overview of Bruckewell MOSFETs

When it comes to high-quality Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors (MOSFETs), Bruckewell is a leading competitor. With a comprehensive range that covers a variety of applications, Bruckewell’s MOSFETs have become the preferred alternative to those offered by Infineon and Diodes Inc.

The versatile nature of Bruckewell's MOSFETs, underpinned by their high performance and affordability, positions them as a superior choice for power supply applications, motor control circuits, and more. Boasting low on-resistance and minimal gate charge, they are ideally suited for high-frequency applications, ensuring reliability that outperforms market competitors.

Showcasing Bruckewell’s Product Range: MSH40N30D and MSQ30P07D

Bruckewell Technology Corporation presents a portfolio of MOSFETs designed for a plethora of applications. The MSH40N30D, a dual N-channel 40V MOSFET, epitomises this innovative approach. Utilising trench DMOS technology, this device decreases RDS(ON) while providing exceptional switching performance. Capable of enduring high-energy pulses in avalanche and commutation modes, it is perfectly aligned with high-efficiency, fast-switching applications. With an RDS(ON) of 9mΩ at VGS=10V, it offers rapid switching and enhanced V/dt capability. The MSH40N30D is also AEC-Q101 qualified, making it a prime contender for automotive applications.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the MSQ30P07D, a dual P-channel 30V MOSFET. With its extraordinarily high cell density, this device achieves exceptional RDS(ON) and gate charge, making it ideal for synchronous buck converter applications. Meeting RoHS and Green Product requirements, the MSQ30P07D showcases a super low gate charge and excellent CdV/dt effect reduction. Furthermore, its 100% EAS guarantee makes it suitable for applications such as MB/VGA/Vcore, POL, load switches, and LED operations.

Bruckewell's Expertise in Power Semiconductor Technology

Bruckewell Technology Corporation is more than a supplier of MOSFETs; it is a hub of expertise and experience in power semiconductor technology. With a technical team possessing over 25 years of experience from industry giants like Vishay and Infineon, Bruckewell places a strong emphasis on innovation, technical excellence, and continual enhancement of its silicon and wide bandgap power semiconductor devices.

The Value Proposition: High Performance, Competitive Pricing, Exceptional Support

Bruckewell offers a diverse array of MOSFET products, positioning itself as an appealing alternative to Infineon and Diodes Inc. The broad selection caters to various power ratings, voltage levels, and package types, ensuring customers can find the perfect MOSFET for their specific needs.

Notably, Bruckewell's MOSFETs have been engineered using advanced technologies and rigorous quality control processes, ensuring consistent operation even in demanding environments. Despite offering comparable or superior performance to Infineon and Diodes Inc., Bruckewell's MOSFETs come at a more affordable price point, providing excellent value to customers.

Product Selector

The team at Bruckewell has created a comprehensive product selector document which helps you select your perfect MOSFET solution using the key parameters. The document also incorporates data sheets for 19 products in their range hyperlinked from the selection table so you can have the complete information at your finger tips. Download or view by clicking on the pdf icon below:

Download the Bruckewell MOSFET product selection tool

In summary,'s diverse selection, high performance, reliability, competitive pricing, and superior customer support make it an attractive alternative to MOSFETs from Infineon and Diodes Inc. For anyone seeking quality MOSFET solutions for their power switching applications, Bruckewell is an excellent choice. For more details, samples and pricing please contact the team at Ineltek today.



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