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Unveiling the Powerhouse: Qorvo's Power Application Controller ICs

Introduction to Qorvo Power Application Controllers

When it comes to embedded electronics, the quest for a perfect balance between computational power and energy efficiency is never-ending. Enter Qorvo's Power Application Controller ICs (PACs), a game-changing solution that combines the best of both worlds. This blog post dives deep into the architecture, features, and applications of these ICs, offering a comprehensive look at why they're a must-have for your next project.

Qorvo Power Application Controller IC Family

The Architecture: A Perfect Blend

The PAC architecture is a marvel of engineering, combining a digital MCU part with an application-specific analogue part. This dual nature allows for immense flexibility, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. You can choose between a Cortex M0 or a Cortex M4F based PAC, depending on your specific needs.

Cortex M0

  • Main Clock: 50 MHz

  • Flash: up to 32 kB

  • SRAM: up to 8 kB

  • ADC: 10 Bit 1 Msps

  • Serial Interfaces: UART, SPI, I2C

Cortex M4F

  • Main Clock: 150 MHz

  • Flash: up to 128 kB

  • SRAM: up to 32 kB

  • ADC: 12 Bit 2.5 Msps

  • Serial Interfaces: UART, SPI, I2C, CAN

Qorvo PAC IC architecture PAC5xxx for Motor control, PAC2xxx for Battery Management Solutions

Key Features: Best-in-Class Integration

Analog Integration

  • Gate Drivers: Fully integrated 3 HS/3 LS gate drivers (up to 600 V)

  • ADC & Sequencer: Up to 12-bit 2.5 MSPS

  • Sigma Delta ADCs: Integrated 16-bit for current sensing and cell balancing

  • Power Regulators: Integrated solutions for power management

Digital Integration

  • MCU: Industry-leading Arm Cortex MCU options

  • Memory: Up to 128 kB flash and 32 kB SRAM

  • Interfaces: CAN, UART, SPI, I2C

Specialised Applications

Battery Management

The new sub-family starts with PAC2xxx derivatives for 10 to 20 cells, targeting systems in the 40/48V up to 80/90V range. This makes them ideal for:

  • e-Bikes & e-Scooters

  • Autonomous & steered gardening tools

  • Big power tools like chain saws, leaf blowers, and core drills

Motor Control

The PAC5xxx series is optimised for motor control, supporting BLDC & PMSM motors. They're divided into four voltage classes:

  • 40 – 52V

  • 70 V

  • 160 V

  • 600 V

Development Tools and Support

Qorvo offers a range of development tools and application support, ensuring you have everything you need to get your project off the ground.

Qorvo PAC22140 EVK-02 Evaluation Kit


Qorvo's Power Application Controller ICs offer an unparalleled blend of power, flexibility, and efficiency. Whether you're working on battery management systems or motor control applications, these ICs are designed to meet the most demanding requirements.

Ready to take your project to the next level? Contact Ineltek for more information, to request prices or EVKs for your battery management & motor control applications.

Download Qorvo Power Application Controllers Product Guide

For more details, check out the Qorvo Power Application Controllers Product Guide.


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