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Visit Ineltek at EDS 22 and play Doom to win a Raspberry Pi Pico

To celebrate the newest MCU addition to the Ineltek Linecard, we wondered how best to showcase the capability of the Raspberry Pi RP2040? We all know the huge popularity of the Raspberry Pi range and the amazing array of weird and wonderful projects that Raspberry Pi devotees share on social media. One that particularly caught our eye, being as we are of a certain vintage, was the ability to run the 1990s classic first person 3D shooter, Doom, on a Raspberry Pi Pico. Perfect!

So, we set our Warwick University Intern Application Engineer, Greer Inglis, the task of getting it to work and the results are there for all to see in the video above.

And where better to showcase our engineering know-how than at the Engineering Design Show in Coventry, 12-13 October 2022? (It's at the Coventry Building Society Conference Centre and you can click the image below or this link to register!)

The basic concept of our demo on the stand is to run two gaming stations on Raspberry Pi Pico and everyone who plays (or frankly even visits the stand) will be entered into a prize draw for one of 10 Raspberry Pi Picos for the two days. Simples.

[We'll be sharing our tips, tricks and the kit list you'll need to install and play Doom on Raspbery Pi Pico very soon]

That isn't the only excitement on the Ineltek Stand L16. Not by a long chalk. We're also featuring a couple of other exciting demos. Our friends at Premo are showing off the capabilities of their 3DCoilCube technology which measures electromagnetic fields to provide highly accurate motion tracking for use as a discrete way of bringing VR to gaming, medical and industrial applications.

As if that wasn't enough jaw-dropping technology, the wizards at TouchNetix are sharing their amazing gesture-only, pressure touch and dial-on-display technology through an interactive demo unit. Their revolutionary tech enables any GUI system to be adapted to be gesture capable which allows users to maintain focussed attention on a more critical activity, rather than worrying about the fine motor skills required to navigate a regular menu.

So, there's the pitch for why you should visit Inteltek at EDS 22 and we haven't even mentioned the fact that you'll get to meet this devilishly handsome bunch:


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