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Explore Kiwi Instruments: Cutting-Edge Solutions for Electronic Component Innovation

Introduction to Kiwi Instruments

Image of Kiwi Instruments semiconductor on an embedded electronics design

Kiwi Instruments, a prominent name in the semiconductor industry, is revolutionising the realm of high-performance analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs). With a stock code of 688045, the company not only offers complete IC solutions but also excels in system integration, catering to a wide array of sectors including consumer electronics, industrial control, network communication, data centers, and automotive electronics​​.

Core Philosophy and Mission

At the heart of Kiwi Instruments' success lies its guiding philosophy of 'Innovation and Simple'. This mantra is not just about creating cutting-edge technology but also about making it accessible and user-friendly. The company's mission, "New Chip New World," reflects its ambition to be a world leader in IC design, driven by the belief that technology should enhance life, not complicate it​​.

Expansive Research and Development

Kiwi Instruments boasts an impressive R&D team of over 370 professionals, underscoring its commitment to innovation and technological advancement. With headquarters in Shenzhen and multiple locations across China, the company forms a nexus of research and development in the semiconductor field​​.

Milestones and Achievements

The company has achieved remarkable milestones, including an annual turnover of RMB 1 billion and the delivery of 4.4 billion chips. It has been recognised with numerous awards, reflecting its innovation in areas like dimming technology (Link-DIM®) and AC motor speed control (DAAC®). Notably, Kiwi Instruments is at the forefront of providing comprehensive domestic 65W PD solutions, showcasing its prowess in power semiconductor technology​​.

Patent Portfolio

Kiwi Instruments holds a significant number of patents worldwide, demonstrating its dedication to product innovation and intellectual property protection. This robust patent portfolio is a testament to its continuous effort in advancing semiconductor technology​​.

Recognitions and Qualifications

The company is a National-level Specialised and Innovative “Little Giant” Enterprise and a member of various prestigious semiconductor and power supply societies. These qualifications and memberships highlight its status as an influential player in the semiconductor industry​​.

Core Team

The core team at Kiwi Instruments is a blend of over 110 experts with master’s degrees and above, many of whom have graduated from prestigious universities and have experience in well-known enterprises. This team forms the backbone of the company, driving innovation and excellence​​.

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships with top foundries and package & testing companies like CSMC, SMIC, Tower, HT-Tech, TONGFU JCET, Jingdao, Mountek, and Blue Rocket, position Kiwi Instruments at the forefront of semiconductor manufacturing and testing​​.

Representative Customer Base

Kiwi Instruments’ products are vital in various sectors such as LED lighting, adapters, PD fast chargers, home appliances, network communication, security & surveillance, industrial power, inverters, service robots, and energy storage systems​​.

Diverse Product Range

Kiwi Instruments offers a comprehensive range of products, including:

Power Management and Conversion: HV Smart LDO, flyback converters, non-isolated converters, synchronous rectifiers, power factor correction converters, LLC controllers, AHB controllers, DC-DC converters (Buck, Boost, Buck-Boost), charge pumps, and various linear regulators​​.

Isolation and Interface Solutions: Digital isolators, isolated interfaces, amplifiers, ADCs, and RS-XXX transceivers​​.

Specialised Applications: AC-DC applications for extending battery life in devices like mobile phones, notebooks, routers, vacuum robots, fast chargers, small home appliances, e-bikes, coffee machines, power tools, servers, and major appliances like TVs and air conditioners​​.

DC-DC Applications: Integrating green power for a low-carbon life, including high-efficiency, small-package solutions with excellent EMC features and low quiescent current consumption​​.

LED Lighting Solutions: Providing intelligent, high-power RGB CV AC-DC solutions for various lighting applications including traffic, education, landscape, commercial, sports center lighting, and LED backlighting for educational and conference systems​​.

Motor Drivers: Gate drivers, both isolated and non-isolated, motor drivers for different types of motors, and motor SOC for AC and DC motor drive control​​.

Product Highlights: The Essence of Kiwi Instruments

High-Voltage Smart LDOs and AC-DC Converters: Integral to power management, these products are crucial in applications like mobile phones, notebooks, routers, vacuum robots, e-bikes, and various home appliances.

DC-DC Converters: Their MP Series, with high efficiency and low quiescent current consumption, is ideal for TVs, STBs, surveillance systems, routers, and audio equipment.

LED Lighting Solutions: These products, including intelligent and high-power LED drivers, enhance city lighting, traffic lights, educational, commercial, and sports center lighting.

Motor Drivers: Covering gate drivers, BDC, BLDC, and stepper motors, these are pivotal in driving a smart future.

Battery Management Systems (BMS): Offering solutions compatible with a wide voltage range, these systems ensure safety and efficiency in battery management.

Operational Amplifiers: These components find their application in a variety of fields, including industrial power, photovoltaic energy storage, and server testing instruments.

Smart Home Solutions: Kiwi Instruments is redefining smart home living with products for intelligent lighting, air conditioners, refrigerators, kitchen appliances, and more.

Conclusion: Kiwi Instruments – A Beacon of Innovation

Kiwi Instruments stands as a beacon in the semiconductor industry, continually pushing the boundaries of technology to create a better, smarter world. Their commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction positions them as a leader in IC design and a valuable partner for businesses looking to integrate cutting-edge electronic components.


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