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Revolutionising the IC Design Scene: Ineltek Announces New Partnership with Novosense

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Ineltek is excited to announce a new partnership with Novosense – leaders in IC design innovation!

Novosense, founded in China in 2013, has rapidly developed an impressive reputation in the IC design scene supporting international customers in a range of industries. The company's dedication to becoming a pioneer in sensor, power driver, and interface chips has set them apart from their competitors. With a rich product portfolio in the fields of high voltage isolation, mixed signal chain processing, MEMS, and sensor calibration, the company is revolutionising the way we approach semiconductor products and solutions.

Novosense R&D lead Innovation

Novosense has placed itself at the forefront of innovation. Their high-quality isolation and interface products withstand voltage, surge, anti-interference, and other parameters, ensuring the reliable and stable operation of its customers’ systems. Their products are widely used in communication, new energy vehicles, industrial control, photovoltaics, and many other fields. Novosense boasts an impressing offering of digital isolators perfect for signal level shifting, guaranteeing user safety, protecting components and adhering to safety regulations.

The Novosense NSE11409 low side switch auto and industrial qualified
Novosense NSE11409

Their NSi8 range provide high electromagnetic immunity, withstanding voltages ranging from 2-5.7 kVrms all while operating at a low power consumption. With data rates up to 150 Mbps, they are well suited to industrial automation systems and motor control. Novosense’s newest line includes the NSE11409; a single-channel, smart, low-side switch developed for power path protection in automobile and industrial applications.  The IC is designed with a built-in VDD clamp exceeding 45V, which is especially suitable for driving inductive loads such as relays and valves to help them actuate rapid demagnetisation. Their interface products include CAN and 485 transceivers as well as I2C and LVDS interfaces.

Sensor Innovation

Novosense’s offerings don’t end there! Alongside their power drive and interface chips Novosense is also at the forefront of sensor innovation. Their first ever launch in 2014 was a powerful 3-axis accelerometer SSC ASIC and, since then, they have quickly developed a broad range of sensor solutions.

Their signal conditioning chip products have unrivalled reliability, meeting the signal conditioning requirements of various types of sensors. These products are widely used in the automotive, industrial control, information communication and consumer electronics industries - where accuracy and reliability are essential. Similarly, their pressure sensor chip solutions range from micro pressure to medium and high pressure ranges, suitable for automobile, household appliances, industry, and other fields.

If you are in the market for temperature sensors, then check out their temperature sensing IC products! They offer a variety of packaging and output forms, to make system integration as easy as possible. Their highly robust and reliable analogue and mixed signal IC design has established them as an industry leader. If you're looking for cutting-edge semiconductor products and solutions then Novosense should be at the top of your list! To find out more and to request some sample products then click here!



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