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Unlock the Potential of 3PEAK's TPAFE516: High-Performance 16-Bit 8-Channel ADC with Bipolar Inputs

Analogue to Digital Conversion with the 3Peak TPAFE516


The TPAFE516 from 3PEAK is an 8-channel SAR ADC which offers simultaneous sampling, bipolar inputs and 16-bit resolution. Each channel has a complete analog front end consisting of protection circuitry, high input impedance PGA, a low pass filter and ADC input driver.

A high accuracy voltage reference with a buffer is integrated in the TPAFE516 as well as a digital interface for serial or parallel communications.

True bipolar inputs and high impedances allow direct connection to transformers and sensors without any external driver circuits. This makes the TPAFE516 a perfect solution for applications such as power system monitoring or protective relays. Very low conversion latency and the high performance of this ADC also makes it ideal for industrial automation, control systems and data acquisition systems.

Benefits of Using the TPAFE516

The TPAFE516 is a powerful and reliable 16-bit 8-channel ADC with bipolar inputs and high-speed sampling capabilities. This device is capable of sampling at up to 350 kSPS, with a resolution of up to 16 bits. Additionally, it features a fast settling time of 0.5 μs, and a ±5V bipolar input range.

The TPAFE516 has an optional digital averaging filter which can be used in slower throughput applications requiring low-noise and higher dynamic range.

Additionally, the TPAFE516 also features a wide range of software-programmable features, such as programmable gain, offset, and dynamic range. This allows users to customize the device to fit their specific application needs.

Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA)

The device has a PGA on each individual input. The PGA converts a single ended signal into a fully differential signal which drives the internal ADC. The PGA can adjust the common-mode voltage for the ADC to maximise the dynamic range of the input.



±10V or ±5V bipolar inputs

Input impedance: 1MΩ

protection circuit of the analog inputs against overvoltage

PGA per channel

2nd order low pass filter per channel

Digital averaging filter

Sampling rate: up to 350ksps

Voltage reference: 2.5V (±1%)


Power supply: 1.71V – 5V

Digital interface: serial (SPI compatible) or parallel

Ambient temperature: -40°C – 85°C



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