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The Power of Epson Motion Sensor Modules: MA352-AD10 Accelerometer and M-G366 IMU

Image of Epson MA352-AD10 accelerometer as may be deployed in infrastructure critical structural monitoring

Epson Motion Sensor Modules - precision monitoring and measurement for critical infrastructure, navigation and stabilisation applications

Seiko Epson Corp. offers a comprehensive range of motion sensor devices capable of delivering high performance in compact packages. Their Inertial Measurement Units offer low power consumption, in the world's smallest size for this category. They also offer highly sensitive Accelerometers which support high dynamic range, low drift and digital output. We had the pleasure of catching up with the Epson team in Munich in November and getting our hands on the modules for ourselves.

Harnessing Precision: The Epson MA352-AD10 Accelerometer in Action

Introduction: Bridging the Micro and the Macro

In the realm of structural health and seismic monitoring, precision is key. The Epson MA352AD10 accelerometer stands as a testament to this principle. Our recent demonstration, featuring a model train setup, serves not just as a visual treat but as a profound insight into the intricate world of vibration monitoring and analysis.

MA352 Accelerometer Demo: A Microcosm of Seismic Activity

The video illustrates a scaled-down yet powerful representation of how minor movement can be indicative of larger structural behaviours. The model train, moving back and forth on its track, simulates the kind of vibrations and movements structures might experience during seismic activities.

Understanding the Epson MA352-AD10 Accelerometer


  • High Sensitivity: This accelerometer detects even the slightest movement, essential for early seismic detection and accurate structural monitoring

  • Wide Frequency Range: It covers a broad spectrum of vibrations, ensuring no critical data is missed

  • Real-Time Data Analysis: The near-instantaneous data processing capability is crucial for timely decision-making in critical situations

  • Superior Noise to Signal ratio: Achieves low noise and high stability performance

  • High Stability: Achieves high stability and high resolution by resonance frequency change detection


Construction and civil engineering customers

  • Vibration-based structural health monitoring (e.g., monitoring the vibration characteristics of structures and judging their health & integrity)

  • Measurement of low-frequency environmental vibration, etc.

Large machines and large structures

  • Monitoring the safety of large structures (e.g., pipelines and large plants)

Seismic sensing

  • Measurement of vibrations accompanying earthquakes

What Does the MA352-AD10 accelerometer tell us?

Epson's model train setup is more than a demonstration; it's a micro-analysis of structural behaviour. The accelerometer's data, as seen in the video, showcases:

  • Displacement and Vibration Patterns: Understanding these patterns is vital in predicting the behaviour of larger structures under stress.

  • Reaction to Variable Forces: Just as the train's speed and direction vary, so do seismic forces, and the accelerometer's response to these changes demonstrates its adaptability.

Real-World Implications: From the Lab to the Field

This demonstration is a leap from theoretical to practical application. In real-world scenarios, the Epson MA352-AD10’s capabilities translate into:

  • Enhanced Safety Protocols: In earthquake-prone areas, its use can lead to better-prepared structures, reducing the risk of collapse.

  • Predictive Maintenance: For engineering teams, this means proactive rather than reactive maintenance, saving time and resources.

Image of Epson M-G366 IMU precision attitude monitoring in a compact package

Navigating Precision: The Epson M-G366 IMU in Real-World Applications

Introduction: Stability and Accuracy in the Palm of Your Hand

In an era where precision is critical, the Epson M-G366 Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) emerges as a crucial player. Its capabilities go beyond mere data collection; it is a cornerstone in systems where stabilisation and accurate navigation are critical. Our latest video demonstration featuring a drone showcases the practical applications of the M-G366 in fields like precision agriculture and micro-satellite technology.

Epson M-G366 IMU Demonstration: A Glimpse into Advanced Navigation

The demonstration video presents a drone equipped with the Epson M-G366 IMU, undergoing various manoeuvres. This exercise is not just about flight; it's a representation of how this technology can be pivotal in real-time attitude monitoring and stabilisation in diverse environments.

Epson M-G366 IMU: A Beacon of Stability and Precision


  • Accurate Attitude Monitoring: The IMU's high precision in detecting orientation changes is vital for systems requiring stable and consistent operation.

  • Real-Time Navigation Data: Essential for applications like precision agriculture, where timely and accurate data can significantly impact operational efficiency.

  • Multi-Axis Sensitivity: Capable of detecting movement and orientation changes in three dimensions, crucial for the complex movements in space technology.


  • Stabilisation Systems: Antenna and Platform Stabilisation, Camera Gimbal

  • Navigation Systems: Autonomous Vehicle, Precision Agriculture, Construction Machinery

From Concept to Reality: The M-G366 in Action

The demonstration transcends theoretical applications, showcasing tangible use cases:

  • Enhancing Agricultural Operations: Farmers can leverage this technology for more precise planting, watering, and harvesting, reducing waste and increasing yields, whilst improving operational safety

  • Innovating in Space: The M-G366 brings reliability to micro-satellite missions, offering enhanced control in the challenging environment of space, within a minimal form factor and low power consumption

Engage with the Future of Precision Technology

To explore how the Epson motion sensor modules can transform your projects in terms of precision, stability and power consumption, contact Ineltek to arrange a sample today.



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