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Ineltek’s Mission: Pioneering Customer-Centric Solutions in Embedded Electronics

Updated: Apr 25

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Ineltek - Refreshes Parts Other Distis Cannot Reach

The Ineltek Difference: Pioneering Innovation and Service in Component Distribution


In the rapidly evolving world of electronic components distribution, standing out requires more than just supplying products—it demands a relentless commitment to innovation and service. Ineltek, a leading independent distributor in the UK and Ireland, redefines excellence in this competitive industry. Unlike traditional broadline catalogue component companies focused on volume, Ineltek is driven by a passion to address the technical challenges and needs of its clients, ensuring their projects succeed functionally and commercially.

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Mission and Values: A Foundation Built on Customer Success

At Ineltek, the mission is clear: provide a secure supply chain complemented by excellent logistical services, and deliver high-level, real-time technical support alongside state-of-the-art technology. This approach facilitates a fast time-to-market, offering rapid access to free samples, development tools, and bespoke training—all backed by a swift, free schematic Bill of Materials (BOM) review.

What truly sets Ineltek apart is its foundational values centred on the success of customer projects. This results in a proactive approach where Ineltek sales engineers are deeply inquisitive about the nature of customers' applications, striving to add value with every interaction to ensure the best outcomes.

Customer and Market Focus: Diverse and Specialised

Ineltek caters to a wide array of sectors including industrial and consumer electronics manufacturers, with notable engagements in energy exploration, broadcast and media production technology, automotive telemetrics, e-cigarettes, sports fitness trackers, and industrial process control systems. This diversity reflects Ineltek’s ability to understand and adapt to various market demands.

The company maintains close working relationships with its clients, nurtured over many years of collaboration. Regular customer feedback through polls and direct interactions helps Ineltek to continually refine its services and solutions.

Image showing circuit design software

Innovation and Technology: Leading with Cutting-Edge Solutions

Recent technological introductions at Ineltek include innovative ASIC technology solutions from Global Unichip Corp. for high-volume projects, and a µASIC package from Atlas Magnetics that consolidates passive and discrete components. These solutions not only demonstrate Ineltek’s commitment to leading-edge technology but also showcase how such innovations can be transformative when appropriately leveraged.

Ineltek’s technical and design-in services enhance the value of these products, ensuring customers are aware of and can afford these advanced solutions, facilitating their integration into diverse projects.

Technical Expertise and Support: The Ineltek Advantage

Ineltek’s team of skilled Application Engineers provides exceptional support throughout the product development cycle. This support includes comprehensive schematic BOM reviews and tailored training sessions, crucial for navigating the complexities of modern electronics.

The company’s proactive support structure ensures that from concept to volume production, each client’s journey is smooth and well-supported, leading to successful project completions and enhanced market performance.

Customisable Embedded Camera Modules from Shikino

Customisation: The Key to Innovation in Embedded Electronics

In the dynamic realm of embedded electronics, customisation is not just a benefit—it's a necessity. As industries evolve and consumer demands shift, the ability to tailor components to specific applications becomes crucial. Ineltek recognises this imperative, offering a suite of customisable solutions that empower designers and engineers to realise their visionary concepts.

Ineltek’s offerings, especially in the areas of micro-ASICs (µASICs), user interface (UI) screens, batteries, cables, and cameras, are designed to meet the unique needs of each project. Our franchise partners can work with us to develop LiPo solutions that meet your needs in terms of power, form and durability - within weeks, not months. Similarly, customisable UI screens enable product developers to deliver optimal user experiences in devices ranging from industrial controls to medical-grade devices.

By placing these advanced, customisable solutions at the fingertips of engineers, Ineltek not only supports but actively drives innovation. Our customers are not limited by off-the-shelf options; instead, they are equipped to dream big and build solutions that truly differentiate their products in competitive markets. This commitment to providing tailored, high-quality components puts the potential for boundless innovation in the hands of our customers’ imaginations, ensuring that together, we can turn unique ideas into tangible successes.


Ineltek isn't just another distributor; it is a vital partner committed to the success of its clients’ projects. By focusing on innovation, customer success, and proactive support, Ineltek offers more than components—it delivers solutions that drive the electronics industry forward. Discover the Ineltek difference and elevate your projects with a partner who is as committed to your success as you are. Get in touch now to discuss your next project.



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