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Qi Certified Wireless Charging: Holtek's Innovative Solutions

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Holtek Wireless Charger A/D MCU HT66FW2230

Market Overview for Wireless Charging

Recent forecasts by reveal a booming trajectory for wireless charging.

  • By 2032, the global wireless charging market is projected to eclipse USD 63.7 billion, soaring from USD 7.7 billion in 2022.

  • This growth indicates a robust CAGR of 24.2% from 2023 to 2032.

Emerging Applications in the Market

Classifying by product type:

  • Transmitter products (Tx): Desk lamps, mobile phone holders, power banks.

  • Receiver products (Rx): Mice, Bluetooth speakers, and more.

The market is keenly focused on:

  • Seamless charging experiences.

  • Waterproof solutions without connectivity concerns.

  • Progressive product upgrade paths.

Qi Wireless Transmitter (Tx) Solutions

Product Selection Overview

Holtek's transmitter solutions revolve around two primary offerings: the HT66FW2230 and the HT66FW2350.

  • HT66FW2230:

    • Power: 5W

    • ROM: 4kW, 8kW

    • Frequency: 100.0kHz - 220.0kHz (accurate to 100Hz)

    • Features: PWM Frequency, Phase control, FSK communication, and more.

    • Qi 5W Certified

  • HT66FW2350:

    • Power: 5W to 30W

    • ROM: Details to be included

    • Frequency: 100.0kHz - 440.0kHz (accurate to 100Hz)

    • Features: PWM Frequency Control, Demodulation, and more.

    • Qi 15W Compatible

Qi Wireless Receiver (Rx) Solutions

Receiver IC Details

Holtek's charging solutions cater extensively to receiver requirements, specifically with the BP66FW1242:

  • BP66FW1242:

    • Rectification: Full Bridge Synchronous Rectification Circuit (FSR) for enhanced efficiency.

    • Modulation Control: AM modulation control circuit suitable for both R-Type and C-Type.

    • Charging: Linear charger with a 1.0A (Max) capacity. Current adjustments are software-driven with integral temperature management.

    • Package: Compact 32 QFN (4mm x 4mm) — 45% smaller than its peers.

    • Integration: Advanced design saving up to 13+ external components.

Why Choose Holtek Products?

Holtek's prominence in the wireless charging domain is undisputed:

  • Complete Authentication: They offer an all-inclusive TX/RX authentication solution, covering Qi power control and custom power transmission technology.

  • Integrated Approach: The BP66FW1242 marries main control MCU, linear charging, and wireless charging into a single unit, streamlining design and development.

  • Versatility: Holtek products boast extensive MCU resources and IO pins.

  • Optimised Charging: Their solutions feature built-in synchronous rectification circuits and single-cell lithium battery charging management, ranging from 0.1A to 1.0A.

  • Compact Design: Holtek's offerings, like the 32 QFN (4mm x 4mm) package, are designed for minimalistic and efficient footprints.

Holtek's Market Vision

Holtek has a clear roadmap for the future of wireless charging. Their dedication to R&D ensures they remain in sync with market trends and demands.

Achieving Qi Certification

Holtek has made its mark by securing Qi certification for its products. This showcases their commitment to meeting and surpassing standards set by the Wireless Power Consortium. With Holtek's certified components, partners can concentrate on product functionality, confident in the foundational tech's reliability.


Holtek is committed to supporting its customers:

  • They provide a diverse range of demo units for testing, such as the HT66FW2230 Qi 5W Tx Demo board, 2021 NPPT TWS earphone storage box, Qi 5W/10W Transmitter Module, and the Qi 5W receiving module.

Looking for more details? Reach out to Ineltek for technical documents and data sheets. These resources are exclusive and available under NDA.



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