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Premo magnetics the driving force behind V2X charging technology

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

What is Vehicle to Everything (V2X)?

Electric vehicles (EVs) are destined to become the dominant form of transport on our roads in the coming decade, undoubtedly accelerated by record breaking fuel prices at the pumps. One paradigm shifting aspect in this migration to EV is the colossal amount of latent energy capacity which will be present in a significant proportion of all EVs at any one time. But, unlike their ICE equivalents, the enormous potential energy residing in people's fuel tanks is an untappable source of energy for anyone beyond the car owner. However, the same is not true of EVs - this can be utilised through the wonders of Bi-Directional Charging.

Unsurprisingly, governments, the private sector and investors have already identified the enormous potential of the world's EVs to effectively become a global network of mobile Power Banks for the planet, far beyond the transportation needs of the driver. And with something with this enormous potential, comes enormous potential for monetisation.

So, there is enormous excitement about the mnemonically named V2X “vehicle-to-everything” technology as a considerable source of growth for the automakers themselves, as well as chip companies and the manufacturers of the wide array of automotive grade magnetics required to make it happen. One industry report predicts the global automotive V2X market could reach $3.3 billion by 2026; phenomenal growth essentially up from zero in just 4 years.

Let's crunch some numbers

The International Energy Agency, (IEA) conservatively estimates 130 million EVs will be on our roads by 2030. In total, these EVs will store 10 times the total amount of energy needed by the global "grid" (YES - this is allowing for the increased electric generation required to charge those 130m EVs!). Taking their most ambitious projections of some 250 million EVs in circulation by 2030 means that the planet's entire energy storage needs could be provided by just 6% of the batteries on the road. Positively electrifying stuff!

Sounds great - how do I jump on the trend?

Some auto manufacturers are already leading the charge. Hyundai is running two V2X pilot projects in Germany and the Netherlands featuring modified IONIQ 5s equipped with customised V2G-capable software. And Ford’s all-electric 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning, can already serve as a home generator if you suffer a power outage.

Whatever stage your V2X planning strategy is, you're going to need some serious magnetics to make it happen safely, securely and efficiently. That's where Premo comes in.

PREMO – innovating in the Magnetics that drives V2X adoption

Premo has been innovating in magnetics for 60 years this year (2022) and their portfolio of Automotive grade components is second to none. They are a global leader in RFID Antennas, the No.1 Magnetics Innovator in Europe and they enjoy a strong heritage of R&D in Power Electronics.

They are already producing the essential Transformers, Chokes, Inductive Couplers, Transponders and Antenna trusted by many of the world’s leading auto manufacturers and they’re bringing this knowledge and experience to pioneer the uptake of V2X technology.

So, if you want to find make the leap to V2X and want to get ahead of the curve, contact us now to start the conversation and arrange your custom introduction to Premo.



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