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Premo explores Heat Dissipation Challenges in Automotive Magnetics

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

PREMO Group has developed 3DPower™, an innovative magnetic integration product that overcomes the engineering challenge of integrating two magnetics components in the same core with two orthogonal magnetic fields. It features a custom pot-core shape and is suitable for applications in power electronics, powertrain, and EV/HEV.

Premo 3DPower Magnetics

As part of the constant evolution of our Electronics Ecosystem, we are providing access to a wide variety of technical articles, documents and resources from our manufacturers right here on our website. As part of the launch, we are sharing a PDF download of an edited article created by Premo engineers on our new Technical Documents portal.

This article focuses on the advances made in heat dissipation techniques and addresses the potential issue of temperature rise due to increased power density. 3DPower™ utilizes a coil to protect the ferrite during winding and provides electrical isolation. To avoid hot spots and maximize thermal link between components, PREMO uses custom solutions such as thermal pad or thermal liquid gap filler. Additionally, tests have been conducted with different core adhesives to reduce temperature gradient between the two core halves. 3DPower™ has an output power range between 1 kW and 11 kW, though higher powers can be achieved on demand. It can be used for Phase-Shifted Full-Bridge and Resonant LLC DCDC converters, as well as other magnetics integration technologies.

In summary, reliability is an important factor for engineering designs, as temperature can cause a range of issues from fire to low performance. The article explores how the correct material selection can improve thermal behaviour, providing examples of how creating good thermal links between components and selecting the right adhesive for cores can reduce temperature gradients.



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