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Exploring the Neoway N720: A Compact Solution for Advanced IoT Connectivity

Image of the Neoway N720 LTE the smallest 7-mode module in the industry

Introduction to the Neoway N720 LTE Module

The Neoway N720 LTE module is a versatile and powerful component, ideal for a range of IoT applications.

This miniature marvel distinguishes itself as the world’s first industrial-grade 4G module supporting all network modes. It offers robust performance and a compact form factor, measuring 30.0 mm x 28.0 mm x 2.8 mm. This makes it suitable for a broad spectrum of IoT devices, including wireless meter reading, telematics, handheld POS, industrial routers, and more.

Key Features:

  • OpenLinux: Ensures flexibility and adaptability for various application developments.

  • Compact Size: The module's small dimensions facilitate easy integration into a wide range of devices.

  • Extensible Memory: Provides scalability for data-intensive applications.

  • GNSS Support: Offers precise location tracking capabilities.

  • Wide Operating Temperature Range: Functions reliably between -40℃ to 85℃, making it suitable for harsh environments.

Diverse Applications and Advantages

Image depicting Neoway N720 application in telemedicine

1. Telemedicine:

  • Use Case: Transmits real-time medical data for online monitoring and health analysis.

  • Advantages: Compact, low power consumption, supports various network modes, rich network protocols, and ensures secure data transmission with SSL.

2. Appliance Monitoring:

  • Use Case: Ideal for connected commercial and household appliances.

  • Advantages: Cost-effective upgrades, full network coverage, excellent RF performance, and flexible customization.

Neoway N720 delivers class-leading performance in a compact size for CV2X, VIoT and telemetric applications

3. Telematics Box (T-Box):

  • Use Case: Communicates with background systems and mobile apps for vehicle control and monitoring.

  • Advantages: Conforms to automotive standards, reliable in extreme temperatures and electromagnetic interference, supports open API development.

4. Smart Metering:

  • Use Case: Supports intelligent construction in the power industry.

  • Advantages: Robust data protection, leading RF capability, ultra-low power consumption, and supports a variety of network protocols.

Image showing application of Neoway N720 in video surveillance

5. Video Surveillance:

  • Use Case: Facilitates IoT-based security and surveillance.

  • Advantages: Compact size, stable LTE technology, expandable storage, and supports application development and positioning.

Technical Specifications




30.0 mm x 28.0 mm x 2.8 mm

Operating Temperature

-40℃ to 85℃

Network Support

2G, 3G, 4G (All Chinese carriers)

Data Rate (LTE)

DL: 150Mbps, UL: 50Mbps


Qualcomm MDM9x07

GNSS Support


Memory Extensibility


Operating System


Network Protocols


Optional Interfaces

WLAN, SD/TF card, Voice Functions

RF Capability

Leading performance

Security Features

SSL for data transmission security

Application Development

Supports open API development


The Neoway N720 stands out for its adaptability, performance, and robustness, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of IoT applications. Its compact size, extensive operating temperature range, and support for various network modes and protocols underscore its suitability for challenging and diverse environments.

For those interested in integrating the Neoway N720 into their projects, or for more technical details, samples and pricing please contact Ineltek for further information and support.

Download the Neoway N720 Data Sheet

Download the Data Sheet for the Neoway N720


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