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Image of Zentel logo

Zentel is a leading semiconductor manufacturer brand operating from Taiwan with their design centre and headquarters in Japan. Founded in 2003 by the Taiwan-based Powerchip group, the company specialises in the design, development and production of integrated memory circuits and continuously serves and develops sophisticated memory products with a focus on hardware cyber security for customers in computer, consumer, communication, industrial and automotive applications.

Image of Zentel DRAMs

Product Categories

DRAM ICs (Commercial, Industrial, Automotive)

  • SDR, DDR 1, 2, 3, 4 - 64Mbit to 8 Gbit

  • Row-Hammer-free DDR3L with ECC

  • LPDDR4 and LPDDR4X - 4 to 32 Gbit

SLC NAND Flash ICs (Industrial grade only)

  • ONFI std. parallel 48TSOPI - 1 or 2 Gbit

  • SPI-serial WSON8 or LGA8 - 1 or 2 Gbit

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