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Kiwi Instruments

Image of Kiwi Instruments logo

Kiwi Instruments was founded in 2014 with headquarters in Shenzhen. The company quickly made its mark by releasing an LED power switch and has since grown significantly, achieving a turnover in the billions (USD). Kiwi Instruments now serves various industries, including Home Appliances, Electronics & Lighting, Security & Surveillance, Network Communications, Personal Electronics, and Power Conversion & Energy Storage. With a second office in Zhongshan and R&D centers in Hangzhou, Xiamen, Shanghai, and Chengdu, the company employs over 370 people, two-thirds of whom are in R&D. Kiwi Instruments offers a wide range of components essential for electronic power and sensor technology, including AC/DC, DC/DC, Driver ICs, Linear Regulators, Protection ICs, Battery Management & PMICs, isolation & interface, amplifiers, and sensors.

Image of Kiwi Instruments power management ICs

Product Categories

Kiwi Instruments provides components at the heart of electronic power, including

  • AC/DC

  • DC/DC

  • Driver ICs

  • Linear Regulators

  • Protection ICs

  • Battery Management & PMICs

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