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Premo Group


Premo celebrates 60 years of electromagnetic innovation in 2023. They are global leaders in RFID antennas, with a foundation built on considerable investment in Research and Development in Power Electronics. This has resulted in an impressive portfolio of electromagnetic components across several categories including induction, filters, chokes, power transformers, NFC, VR/AR and RFID solutions.

As a key global player in the application of innovative magnetics they are driving the 4th industrial revolution in the fields of IoT, M2M, VR, EV with associated expertise in V2X charging and BMS. With considerable experience in the development and customisation of electromagnetics, Premo is widely used in a variety of market applications including Automotive, Industrial, Smart Grids as well as enjoying a pivotal role in New Technologies.

Premo's core product offering is as follows:

RFID Components

  • 1-Axis Transponders

  • 3-Axes RFID Transponders (3DCoils)

  • Emitter Antennas & Switches

  • NFC Antennas

  • Telecoils

  • NFC Secure Car Access

  • NFC secure module for Door Handle

Inductive Components

  • 3DPower

  • Common Mode Chokes

  • Current Transformers

  • DC/DC Transformers


  • Flyback Transformers

  • High Current DC Chokes


  • OBC Transformers

  • PFC Chokes

  • PLC Transformers

  • Push Pull & Gate-Drive Transformers

  • Resonant chokes

  • Wireless Power Transfer Coils

PLC Components

  • Blocking Filters

  • Inductive Couplers

VR/AR EM Motion Tracking

Collaborative Robots

Image of Premo's Wireless EV Charging capability
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