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The Twelve Chips of Christmas

Montage of the Twelve Chips of Christmas curated by Ineltek Ltd

As a bit of Christmas fun, and a blatant way of cramming in as many of our manufacturers into a feature as possible whilst still being relevant to Electronic Component sourcing, ahem, I present to you Ineltek's carefully curated Twelve Chips of Christmas. To spare everyone, we'll just go to the final verse! Here goes...

On the Twelth Day of Christmas my Disti gave to me

Twelve DRAMs DRAMing

Eleven PHYs duPlexing

Ten LDOs a Lowering

Nine LEDs Dazzlin'

Eight MEMs a-Measuring

Seven SLICs a-Ringing

Six GUIs Displaying

Five Golden Screws

Four Common Chokes

Three Trench FETs

Two Zener Diodes

And an RP Twenty Forty

Image of the Raspberry Pi RP2040

The chips in detail:

First Day of Christmas

Our chip of the year - an MCU powerhouse, offering high performance, flexibility and availability in a sub dollar MCU. Raspberry Pi's RP2040 is simply amazing!

Second Day of Christmas

The BZX584C2V0 Zenner Diode from Bruckewell is a high performance voltage regulator for use in small handheld or mobile applications.

Third Day of Christmas

Magnachip produces a wide variety of high performance power semiconductors including these reliable MDT08N017RH Trench MOSFETs for use in DC/DC converters and in motor control.

Fourth Day of Christmas

Premo's CMCN4R0-12H Common Mode Choke is a high frequency, high performance common mode choke designed to reduce EMI/RFI interference in power and signal lines. It is ideal for applications where a small footprint is desired and maximum attenuation is required.

Fifth Day of Christmas

Golden Screws, also known as Unicorn Parts are those incredibly rare or obsolete components that are the last item you're trying to source. Without the Golden Screws, you can't make your product. (Which is where Ineltek can help!)

Sixth Day of Christmas

For next level GUI with touch, gesture and pressure capability, the Axiom chip family from TouchNetix offers low power, high performance, secure and configurable touch controller chip with class leading Signal to Noise ratio. Contact us for a variety of embedded applications such as Automotive, medical, industrial and consumer facing UI.

Seventh Day of Christmas

The N681389 COSLIC IC from Nuvoton implements a single channel FXS telephone line interface optimized for short loop applications. It integrates SLCC (Subscriber Line Control Circuit) functionality with a programmable CODEC and a DC/DC controller. Ideal solution for Residential VoIP Gateways, Routers, IP-PBX, Analog Telephone Adapters, Integrated Access Devices for emergency and distress communications.

Eighth Day of Christmas

Epson produces a range of MEMs (Micro Electro-Mechanical System) and QMEMs sensors. Their M-A352 is a three axis digital output accelerometer featuring ultra-low noise, high stability, and low power consumption through Quartz processing technology. The M-A352 is highly accurate and durable, making it perfect for a wide-range of challenging applications such as SHM, seismic observation, condition monitoring for industrial equipment i.e. construction machinery, tooling, agricultural machinery and robotics.

Nineth Day of Christmas

Next generation in-car ambient lighting typically comprises 10-30 LEDs mounted on a flexible light strip. ISELED replaces the cumbersome chain of MCUs and a slow LIN bus with a smart RGB LED driver which intelligently controls a 'group' of red, green and blue LEDs to form 'pixels'. The INLC10AQ from Inova is the first standalone ISELED driver enables Automotive manufacturers to custom design their own choice of external LED arrays.

Tenth Day of Christmas

3Peak has a range of LDOs (Low Dropout Regulators) designed to provide industry-leading efficiency, high accuracy output voltage and current, and maximum reliability. Suitable for a range of applications, from low-power system solutions such as LEDs and portable electronics, to high power designs such as automotive, telecom, and industrial applications.

Eleventh Day of Christmas

Ethernet PHYs have been a critical but hard to source component during the chip supply crunch. We've migrated many customers to @dptel and their range of durable and efficient PHYs, including the DAP8201M.

Twelfth Day of Christmas

Memory is memory right? Wrong. DRAM from Intelligent Memory boasts custom speed and temperature sorting, as well as the highest level of durability. Many of their modules have been engineered with built in Error Correction (ECC) as standard and you can design their memory in with confidence, as they pledge to provide guaranteed longevity on all their lines.

Featured manufacturers



Epson Semiconductor


Dapu Telecom

(Never say we don't get into the Christmas Spirt)

It only remains to bid a Merry Christmas to all our followers and wish you a peaceful, successful New Year!

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