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Securing the Future of IoT: Introducing SEALSQ's VAULTIC292 Cryptographic Module

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

SealSQ's VaultIC292 cryptographic module


The Internet of Things (IoT) has become an integral part of our daily lives, connecting everything from home appliances to industrial sensors.

However, the security of these devices remains a significant concern. SEALSQ, a subsidiary of WISeKey International Holding Ltd, has taken a monumental step in addressing this challenge by launching VAULTIC292, a cutting-edge cryptographic module designed to secure IoT devices and sensors.

Elevating IoT Security with VaultIC292

VaultIC292 is not just another security solution; it's a fortified microcontroller designed to endow IoT devices with a robust and secure identity. This identity is vital for applications such as Smart Home Devices or field sensors, enabling trusted connections to clouds or local networks via the TLS protocol.

Key Features of VaultIC292:

  1. Cost-Effective Integration: VaultIC292 is designed for seamless integration, emphasizing cost-effectiveness without compromising security.

  2. Flexibility and Adaptability: The secure element can be pre-provisioned at various stages, including factory-set, over-the-air, at wafer level, or on-package.

  3. Compatibility: It supports protocols like MATTER, Wi-SUN, and OPC, facilitating authentication with platforms like Microsoft AZURE or AWS Clouds.

  4. Lifecycle Management: SEALSQ's PKI platform, INeS, allows for the generation and management of compliant certificates throughout the device's lifecycle.

  5. Tamper Resistant: Built on a CCEAL4+ level Tamper Resistant hardware platform, it ensures optimal efficiency and security.

SealSQ VaultIC292 typical use case: cloud connection

Potential Market Opportunities and Target Customers

VaultIC292's innovative approach opens doors to various market opportunities:

  • IoT Device Manufacturers: Ensuring a robust and secure identity for Smart Home Devices and field sensors.

  • Cloud Service Providers: Enhancing authentication and trust for devices connecting to platforms like Microsoft AZURE or AWS Clouds.

  • Government and Banking Institutions: Utilizing the proven Tamper Resistant hardware platform for applications like National IDs, e-Passports, and Banking.

  • IoT Developers: Facilitating swift time-to-market and economical project implementation.

  • Security-Focused Industries: Catering to industries where high-grade security is paramount, such as critical infrastructures and defense systems.

  • Post-Quantum Cryptography Innovators: Offering strong market opportunities for businesses preparing for quantum computing.

  • Home Automation and Industrial Control System Companies: Specializing in areas like home automation systems and industrial control systems.

SEALSQ: Crafting a Secure Tomorrow

SEALSQ continues to reiterate its reputation as a trailblazer in the growing IoT industry. The launch of VaultIC292 marks a pivotal moment in creating inherently secure IoT devices and sensors, embodying the aspiration to pave the way for a more secure digital world.

SealSQ VaultIC292 System Integration

Extended Features and Benefits of VaultIC292

1) IoT Core Objectives for Manufacturers & Operators:

  • Ensuring Supply Chain Integrity: VaultIC292 plays a crucial role in the supply chain, from chip to device. It provides unique device identity and key management, secure firmware and software delivery, and facilitates the transfer of ownership.

  • Securing Data Operations & Enabling Trusted Infrastructure: This includes secure device enrolment, protection of data at rest and in motion, secure updates at the edge, and lifecycle management.

  • Need for a Trust Environment with Strong Trust Anchor: VaultIC292 serves as a robust trust anchor, offering hardware trust and tamper resistance.

2) Creating a Trust Environment and Trust Anchor:

  • Secure Element: VaultIC292 offers unique benefits by integrating a hardware trust anchor with tamper resistance. It ensures the separation of secure and normal worlds within a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), going beyond mere software protection in the application processor.

**** PIN Compatible with Microchip Secure ICs ****

The VaultIC292 is pin compatible with Microchip ATECC508A / ATECC608A in the UDFN8 package. Competitive pricing options available and good supply.


The launch of VaultIC292 not only marks a significant advancement in IoT security but also addresses the core needs of manufacturers and operators.

By providing a trust environment with a strong trust anchor, VaultIC292 ensures supply chain integrity, secures data operations, and creates a trusted infrastructure.

These extended features reinforce SEALSQ's commitment to crafting a secure tomorrow, making the future of IoT not only promising but also inherently secure.

The future of IoT is here, and with VAULTIC292, it's more secure than ever. Contact Ineltek now to request a dev board and secure your future IoT projects.



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