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Qorvo's New SiC Power Modules: Double Power Cycling with Peak Efficiency & Longevity

Updated: Mar 21

Qorvo SiC Power Modules for superior electrical and thermal performance in EV applications

Qorvo's Advanced SiC E1B Power Modules: Elevating Power Solutions

In the rapidly evolving landscape of power electronics, Qorvo's latest SiC Power Modules stand out as a beacon of innovation and efficiency. Offering unmatched power density and efficiency, these 1200V SiC half-bridge and full bridge modules are set to revolutionise the industries of electric vehicle (EV) charging, solar inverters, and industrial power supplies.

Unparalleled Efficiency and Power Density

At the heart of Qorvo's SiC E1B Power Modules is the cutting-edge silicon carbide (SiC) technology. This material is renowned for its ability to conduct electricity more efficiently at high temperatures than traditional silicon-based solutions. For engineers and technical professionals, this means a significant leap in efficiency - enabling smaller, more powerful devices that generate less heat and therefore operate more efficiently.

Qorvo's SiC power modules provide unparalleled efficiency and power density through several key features: ​

  1. Low Rds(on) and body diode voltage drop: The modules have a low Rds(on) (as low as 9.4 mohm) and a very low body diode voltage drop (1.63V). ​ This combination helps to minimise conduction losses, allowing more power to be delivered to the load and increasing overall efficiency.

  2. Fast switching capability: Qorvo's SiC power modules utilise a unique Cascode JFET configuration, which enables fast switching. ​ This reduces turn-off switching losses by 74% compared to competing solutions. ​ Faster switching allows for more efficient power conversion and reduces power losses.

  3. Increased power cycling capability: Qorvo's SiC power modules deliver 2x the power cycling capability compared to competing SiC modules. ​ This means that they can handle more power cycles without degradation, ensuring long-term reliability and efficiency.

  4. Zero-Voltage Switching (ZVS) Soft Switching: ZVS Soft Switching in Qorvo's SiC Power Modules significantly enhances system efficiency and reduces EMI. By ensuring that switches operate at or near zero voltage, the modules minimize energy loss and stress during power transitions. This feature is essential for applications requiring high efficiency and reliability, like renewable energy systems and EV chargers, promoting longer lifespan and reduced cooling requirements.

  5. Low Rthjc (Thermal Resistance from Junction to Case): With Low Rthjc, Qorvo's SiC Modules excel in thermal management, efficiently transferring heat from the semiconductor junction to the case. This leads to improved performance stability and device longevity, even under high power densities. The low thermal resistance is crucial for maintaining optimal operational temperatures, ensuring the modules can handle increased power loads without overheating, making them ideal for high-performance industrial and automotive applications.

Cutting-Edge 1200V SiC Technology

The 1200V rating of Qorvo's SiC modules is not just a number. It represents the high voltage threshold these modules can handle, making them ideal for high-power applications such as EV charging stations and solar inverters. This voltage capacity, combined with the natural efficiency of SiC material, provides a robust solution capable of handling the rigorous demands of modern power systems.

Transforming EV Charging and Solar Inverters

For the EV charging market, Qorvo's SiC Power Modules enable faster, more efficient charging stations that can serve more vehicles without the need for extensive power grid upgrades. In the realm of solar energy, these modules allow for more efficient conversion of solar power to usable electricity, improving the overall efficiency of solar inverters and contributing to a greener planet.

Superior Electrical and Thermal Performance

Qorvo's SiC E1B Power Modules are designed with superior electrical and thermal performance in mind. Their high efficiency translates to lower energy loss in the form of heat, which in turn means less stress on the components and extended product lifespan. This performance is critical in applications where reliability and durability are paramount, such as in industrial power supplies.

Enhanced Product Lifetime with Innovative Design

The innovative design of Qorvo's SiC Power Modules not only enhances their performance but also their durability. By reducing the thermal stress on the components, these modules boast an enhanced product lifetime, offering a more reliable and cost-effective solution over their lifespan.

Why Choose Qorvo's SiC E1B Power Modules?

Choosing Qorvo's SiC Power Modules means investing in the future of power technology. With their unparalleled efficiency, robust design, and cutting-edge SiC technology, these modules offer a superior solution for a wide range of applications. Whether you're designing the next generation of EV charging stations, optimising the efficiency of solar inverters, or seeking reliable solutions for industrial power supplies, Qorvo's SiC Power Modules are designed to meet and exceed the demands of modern power systems.

To download their full product presentation, click here.

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