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Nuvoton Audio Solutions for Smart Homes and General Applications: Enhance Your Audio Experience

Updated: Feb 28

Image of Nuvoton NAU88C10YG mono audio codec

Introduction to Nuvoton Audio Solutions

Discover the cutting-edge audio technologies behind Nuvoton's range of audio solutions, engineered to deliver unmatched sound quality, efficiency, and versatility for smart homes and general applications. With a focus on innovation, Nuvoton's audio products, including CODECs, DSPs, and SoCs, are designed to meet the diverse needs of today's audio systems, ensuring crystal-clear sound reproduction and advanced audio processing capabilities.

Nuvoton's audio products are designed for various applications such as automotive, computing, industrial, consumer, and education. ​ They have a track record of being an automotive certified supplier and have sold over 1 billion devices. ​ Nuvoton's audio technologies have been designed into Fortune 500 companies and market leaders in various industries. ​

Comprehensive Range of Nuvoton Audio Products

Audio CODECs

Nuvoton's audio CODECs are at the forefront of audio conversion technology, offering high fidelity, low noise, and minimal distortion. These components are crucial for translating analog audio signals into digital formats and vice versa, ensuring your audio solutions deliver superior sound quality across a wide range of applications, from voice-activated devices to high-end audio systems.

​Here is a summary of Nuvoton's audio codecs: ​

Mono Codecs

  1. NAU8812: 1 x ADC, 1 x DAC, 2/3/4 wire interface, and speaker drive. ​

  2. NAU88C10: 1 x ADC, 1 x DAC, 2-wire interface, and speaker drive. SR 8-48KHz.

  3. NAU88C14: 1 x ADC, 1 x DAC, 2/3-wire interface, and speaker drive.

  4. NAu88L11: 1 x ADC, 1 x DAC, Class AB Power Amp, Low Noise Mic PGA, SR: 8-96KHz, DAC 105dB SNR Stereo Codecs

  5. NAU8820: 2 x ADC, 2 x DAC, 2/3/4 wire. SR 8-48KHz. ​

  6. NAU88C22: 2 x ADC, 2 x DAC, 2/3/4-wire interface, speaker drive. SR 8-192KHz

  7. NAU88L20: 2 x ADC, 2 x DAC, ULP Stereo CODEC, DAC 100dB SNR, ADC 98dB SNR, 8-96KHz. ​

  8. NAU88L21: ​2 x ADC, 2 x DAC, Class-G HP, Adv. Headset Detection, DAC 105dB SNR, ADC 103dB SNR, SR 8-192KHz.

  9. NAU88L24: 2 x ADC, 2 x DAC, Class-G HP, Class-D SPK, Adv. Headset Detection. SR 8-96KHz.​

  10. NAU88L25B: 1 x ADC, 2 x DAC, Class-G HP, Adv. Headset Detection, DAC 124dB SNR, SR 8-192KHz

Digital Signal Processors (DSPs)

Explore Nuvoton's DSPs, designed for high-performance audio signal processing. These processors enable complex audio algorithms, noise cancellation, and sound enhancement techniques, making them ideal for smart home devices and portable audio applications. With Nuvoton's DSPs, developers can create bespoke audio experiences, from immersive surround sound in entertainment systems to crystal-clear communication in intercom and conferencing devices.

Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs)

  • NAU8401: Stereo DAC, BTL SPK Driver 1W@8Ω, I2C/PCM, 2/3/4 wire, Line-In/Out. SR 8-48KHz

  • NAU8402: A stereo DAC with a sample rate (SR) of 8-96kHz and an I2S interface, providing a 2Vrms output.

Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs)

  • NAU8502: A stereo analog-to-digital converter (ADC) supporting SRs from 8-48kHz, I2S/PCM interfaces, and includes an on-chip low-dropout regulator (LDO).

  • NAU85L20B/NAU85L40B: Ultra-low power (ULP) stereo and quad ADCs with microphone pre-amplifiers and a SR range of 8-96kHz.

  • NAU7802: Precision ADC, SDADC 24-Bit Dual Channel, ENOB 23-bit, On-Chip Calibration, Gain 128x, 2-wire. SR 10/20/40/80/320KHz.

NSPxx Development Tool: ​

Includes tools like NSP Dongle and ISP Demo Board for development and programming. ​

Allows for easy editing and updating of voice contents.

Overall, the Nuvoton DSPs offer high-quality voice assistance and sound effects, with features like voice content update, multiple interface options, and low power consumption. They are suitable for various applications such as wearable speakerphones, doorbells, video monitors, and smart home appliances.

Audio System on Chips (SoCs)

Nuvoton's Audio SoCs offer a comprehensive solution, integrating audio processing capabilities with microcontroller functionality. These SoCs are perfect for space-constrained and power-sensitive applications, providing efficient audio processing, control, and connectivity features. Whether for smart speakers, wearable audio devices, or IoT applications, Nuvoton's SoCs deliver the performance and flexibility needed for next-generation audio solutions.

Nuvoton's Audio SoCs integrate digital signal processors (DSPs) with ARM Cortex-M4 and Cortex-M0 cores, catering to a variety of processing needs. Specific models include:

  • ISD9160/30: These SoCs offer a wide voltage range (2.4 – 5.5V), ample memory (SRAM and flash), and feature ∑∆ ADC with over 92dB SNR and a 1Watt Class-D amplifier. The ISD9160C model is tailored for voice recognition applications.

  • ISD91260/30: Operating at 1.8 – 5.5V, these variants provide a 12-bit SAR ADC, operational amplifier, and a ∑∆ ADC with over 90dB SNR, along with a 0.5W Class-D amplifier.

  • ISD94124A/S/C: These models are designed for voice recognition (C model), noise reduction and acoustic echo cancellation (S model), running at 200MHz, and featuring USB 1.1 full-speed interface among other specifications.

Audio Enhancement

Waves Audio's proprietary MaxxAudio provides state of the art audio quality in a software environment reducing the need for expensive hardware and expertise

The Importance of Superior Audio in Embedded Systems

In today’s interconnected and multimedia-rich world, the demand for superior audio quality in devices ranging from smart home gadgets to professional audio systems is growing. Consumers expect immersive, clear, and powerful sound experiences, whether they’re listening to music, engaging in virtual meetings, or interacting with smart assistants. This expectation drives the need for advanced audio processing capabilities that can be easily integrated into embedded systems.

Nuvoton's Strategic Approach with MaxxAudio and Bongiovi DPS

Nuvoton's collaboration with Waves Audio to integrate MaxxAudio sound enhancement suite and Bongiovi DPS (Digital Power Station) technology into their microcontrollers and audio processors represents a strategic move to meet this demand. This integration brings studio-quality audio processing capabilities to a wide range of electronic devices.

MaxxAudio: A Comprehensive Audio Enhancement Suite

MaxxAudio by Waves Audio, a Grammy award-winning company renowned for its professional audio processing software, offers a comprehensive suite of advanced audio enhancement tools. These tools are designed to improve the quality of audio signals in real-time, providing end-users with an enriched listening experience. The suite includes features such as dynamic bass boost, treble enhancement, sound widening, and dialogue clarity improvement, among others.

Bongiovi DPS: Real-time Audio Optimisation

Bongiovi DPS technology takes a unique approach to audio enhancement. It employs patented algorithms that dynamically adjust to the audio content in real-time, optimising it for the playback system. This means that whether the audio is played through small speakers in a smart home device or through a high-end audio system, Bongiovi DPS can adapt and optimise the sound for the best possible quality.

Nuvoton's use of MaxxAudio and Bongiovi DPS technology underscores the company's commitment to providing innovative solutions that enhance the audio experience in embedded systems. For engineers, this integration offers a path to differentiate their products with superior audio quality, without the need for extensive audio processing expertise or additional hardware. For end-users, it means enjoying high-quality sound that enhances their interaction with a wide range of electronic devices.

Application Examples for Nuvoton Audio Solutions

Image of Typical baby monitor application

Wearable Speakerphone

Nuvoton's audio technologies enhance communications in wearable devices, ensuring clear audio transmission and reception, critical for hands-free operations and personal audio entertainment. The key strength here is their ability to provide compact, low-power solutions that deliver high audio quality without compromising device size or battery life.

Door Bell Intercom System

Nuvoton empowers the capabilities of advanced doorbell systems intercom performance. Such systems benefit from noise reduction, echo cancellation, and voice activation features to improve user interaction and security. Nuvoton's audio processing capabilities is essential in ensuring that voice communication is clear and reliable, even in noisy outdoor environments.

Video Monitor & Portable Recorder

For video monitoring systems, including baby monitors and security cameras, as well as portable audio recorders, the quality of both audio capture and playback is paramount. Nuvoton provides effective solutions for noise suppression, audio enhancement, and efficient data compression to ensure high-quality audio that complements the video content. For portable recorders, the emphasis on low power consumption and high-fidelity recording capabilities, makes Nuvoton the obvious choice.

Why Choose Nuvoton for Your Audio Needs?

Choosing Nuvoton for your audio solutions means prioritising quality, innovation, and versatility. Nuvoton's comprehensive range of audio products is designed to address the evolving needs of audio applications in smart homes and beyond. With their unwavering commitment to excellence and technical support, Nuvoton is the ideal choice for engineers looking to push the boundaries of audio technology.

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