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Leveraging DSP and Klippel Technology: Nuvoton's new Smart Amplifiers NAU83GXX

Updated: Apr 12

Header image for the new NAU83G10 smart amplifier

Introduction to Nuvoton's NAU83G10 and NAU83620 Smart Amplifiers

The latest launch in Nuvoton's industry leading audio product portfolio, we're proud to announce the exciting new smart amplifier solutions, NAU83G10 and NAU83G20.

The NAU83G10 and NAU83620 amplify not just sound but the capabilities of traditional audio solutions with their cutting-edge features. Incorporating Digital Signal Processing (DSP) with Klippel Controlled Sound (KCS) technology, these amplifiers offer unmatched sound quality, efficiency, and protection for speakers. The integration of advanced audio processing capabilities ensures that these smart amplifiers can deliver superior audio performance across a wide range of applications.

Leveraging high Signal-to-Noise Ratios (SNRs), sophisticated protection circuits, and versatile digital interfaces, these smart amplifiers represent Nuvoton's commitment to pushing the boundaries of audio technology. For electronic engineers looking to integrate superior sound into their designs, the NAU83G10 and NAU83620 offer a blend of performance and innovation that is hard to match. Read on for more detail.

Technical Breakdown: The Core of NAU83G10 and NAU83620


NAU83G10 Features

NAU83G20 Features


Integrated with Klippel Controlled Sound (KCS) Technology

Integrated with Klippel Controlled Sound (KCS) Technology

Battery Supply Range

2.9V ~ 5.5V (Integrated Boost Converter)

5V ~ 14V


Mono (103dB SNR)

Mono (103dB SNR)

Peak Output Power

8W @ 4ohm, THDN 10%, 4.2V Battery 7W @ 4ohm, THDN 1%, 4.2V Battery

20W @ 4ohm, THDN 5.5%, 13V Battery

16.5W @ 4ohm, THDN 1%, 12.6V Battery


2x Delta Sigma ADC for IV Sense, 1x SAR ADC for Vbat/Tj/Ta tracking

2x Delta Sigma ADC for IV Sense, 1x SAR ADC for Vbat/Tj/Ta tracking


Battery Tracking ALC, Brownout Prevention ALC

Battery Tracking ALC, Brownout Prevention ALC

Device Protection



Digital Interface




Mobile phone, Tablets, Laptops

Laptops, Smart Speakers, Portable Speakers

Delving into the heart of Nuvoton's NAU83G10 and NAU83620 smart amplifiers reveals a wealth of technical sophistication designed to meet the modern demands of audio amplification. Engineered with precision and efficiency in mind, these amplifiers embody the forefront of audio technology, providing electronic engineers with robust solutions for a myriad of applications. Here's a closer look at the core technical features that distinguish these smart amplifiers.

DSP with Klippel Controlled Sound (KCS) Technology: At the core of both the NAU83G10 and NAU83620 amplifiers is the integration of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) with Klippel Controlled Sound technology. This advanced DSP allows for real-time monitoring and adjustment of the audio signal, ensuring optimal performance and protecting the speaker from potential damage. For more detail on Klippel, see below.

Wide Battery Supply Range: The NAU83G10 boasts a battery supply range of 2.9V to 5.5V, with an integrated boost converter to ensure consistent performance across various power levels. The NAU83620 extends this range even further, accommodating a battery supply from 5V to 14V, making it versatile for both portable and stationary applications where power supply variability is a factor.

High-Quality DAC and ADC Integration: Both models feature a Mono DAC with a 103dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR), ensuring high-fidelity audio playback. Additionally, they are equipped with Delta Sigma ADCs for IV Sense, and a SAR ADC for Vbat/Tj/Ta tracking, facilitating precise control over the audio output and comprehensive monitoring of the system's health.

Peak Output Power: The NAU83G10 can deliver up to 8W @ 4ohm with a THDN of 10% on a 4.2V battery, making it powerful enough for most portable applications. The NAU83620 steps up the game with up to 20W @ 4ohm and a THDN of 5.5% on a 13V battery, catering to applications requiring higher audio output without compromising sound quality.

Robust Device Protection: To safeguard against operational hazards, both amplifiers incorporate Overcurrent Protection (OCP), Overvoltage Protection (OVP), Under Voltage Lockout (UVLO), Over Temperature Protection (OTP), and Cycle-by-Cycle Threshold Protection (CTP). These protection features ensure longevity and reliability in various operating conditions.

Digital Interface Flexibility: Supporting I2S/PCM/TDM digital interfaces alongside I2C communication, these smart amplifiers offer unparalleled flexibility in system integration, making them suitable for a wide range of digital audio platforms.

Innovative Features: Klippel Controlled Sound (KCS) Technology Explained

At the heart of the NAU83G10 and NAU83620 smart amplifiers lies the pioneering Klippel Controlled Sound (KCS) technology, a standout feature that propels these Nuvoton offerings beyond conventional audio amplification solutions. KCS technology signifies a leap forward in enhancing and safeguarding audio performance, presenting a plethora of advantages for both the end-user and the electronic engineer. This section explores the mechanisms and benefits of KCS, highlighting its pivotal role in the domain of smart amplifiers.

Klippel Controlled Sound Control Suite

Refining Audio Performance with Precision: The Klippel Controlled Sound technology utilises an advanced DSP algorithm to continuously monitor and adjust the audio signal in real-time. This rigorous control enables compensation for speaker nonlinearities, ensuring a more faithful reproduction of sound as originally intended by its creators. Whether it's the subtle nuances of a classical piece or the expansive dynamic range of modern music, KCS guarantees that listeners enjoy audio in its most pristine form.

Extending Speaker Lifespan through Protection: Beyond improving sound quality, KCS technology plays a crucial role in protecting speakers from potential damage. By actively preventing mechanical and thermal overloads, it ensures that speakers operate within safe parameters, thus extending their lifespan. This protection is especially valuable in scenarios where speakers might be subjected to high power levels or extended periods of use, safeguarding against the risks of audio distortion or speaker failure.

Adapting to Speaker Variabilities: One of the most remarkable aspects of KCS technology is its ability to adapt to the individual characteristics of speakers. Recognising that no two speakers are identical, KCS dynamically adjusts its processing to match the specific mechanical and acoustic properties of each speaker. This bespoke approach allows for optimal performance across a diverse range of speaker types and sizes, ensuring the best possible sound quality and efficiency.

Enhancing User Experience with Real-time Diagnostics: KCS technology also includes real-time speaker diagnostics capabilities, enabling the detection of changes in speaker performance due to environmental factors or ageing. This feature allows for proactive adjustments to maintain consistent audio quality over time, enhancing the overall user experience.

Facilitating Easier Integration for Engineers: For electronic engineers, the inclusion of KCS technology simplifies the integration process, offering more flexibility in speaker selection and system design. By compensating for the inherent variabilities in speakers and usage scenarios, KCS reduces the need for extensive manual tuning, saving time and resources in the development phase.

Graph showing Klippel Controlled Sound effect on Voice Coil Temperature

Enhancing Audio Quality: Real-World Benefits of Advanced DSP Features

The NAU83G10 and NAU83620 smart amplifiers are equipped with sophisticated Digital Signal Processing (DSP) features that elevate audio quality to new heights.

Superior Sound Clarity and Detail: The high Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) and advanced DSP algorithms work in tandem to produce crystal-clear audio. By minimising background noise and enhancing the purity of the sound signal, these amplifiers ensure that every detail, from the softest whisper to the most dynamic musical crescendo, is heard with clarity and precision. This level of detail is particularly beneficial in environments where ambient noise can detract from the listening experience, such as in busy offices or outdoors.

Dynamic Range Control for Balanced Audio: The dynamic range control (DRC) feature is pivotal in maintaining a balanced audio output across various content types. Whether it's a sudden explosion in an action film or a quiet dialogue scene, DRC ensures that the audio remains consistent and comfortable for the listener. This feature is especially useful in portable speakers and laptops, where users may switch between different types of media frequently.

Bass Enhancement Without Distortion: The ability to enhance low frequencies without introducing distortion is a hallmark of the NAU83G10 and NAU83620. Through precise control and DSP algorithms, these amplifiers can boost bass response to deliver a fuller, richer sound. This enhancement brings depth to music and adds an immersive quality to movies and games, all while maintaining the integrity of the original audio signal.

Image of Nuvoton Smart Amplifier Speaker protection

Protection Against Speaker Damage: Beyond improving sound quality, the DSP features offer real-time protection for speakers. By monitoring the audio signal and making adjustments to prevent mechanical and thermal overload, these amplifiers protect speakers from damage that could compromise audio quality over time. This proactive protection is critical for ensuring that audio devices continue to deliver optimal performance throughout their lifespan.

Customisable Audio Profiles for Enhanced Experiences: The flexibility of DSP programming allows for the creation of customisable audio profiles. These profiles can be tailored to suit different types of audio content or listening environments, giving users the ability to personalise their audio experience. Whether it's enhancing the clarity of spoken words in a podcast or optimising the soundstage for a live concert recording, the DSP features offer the versatility to meet diverse auditory preferences.

In practice, the advanced DSP features of the NAU83G10 and NAU83620 smart amplifiers translate into a listening experience that is not just heard, but felt. By combining superior sound quality with protective and customisable features, these amplifiers set a new standard for audio performance in a variety of applications. For electronic engineers and audio enthusiasts alike, the benefits of these DSP enhancements are clear, offering a path to audio experiences that are richer, more immersive, and more enjoyable.

Application Scenarios for NAU83G10 and NAU83620 Amplifiers

Nuvoton's NAU83G10 and NAU83620 smart amplifiers are engineered to cater to a broad spectrum of audio applications, seamlessly bridging the gap between high-quality sound and versatile functionality. Here are a selection of applications where they can significantly enhance audio output and user experience.

Smart Speakers and Portable Speakers: The demand for smart speakers and portable audio devices that offer rich, immersive sound is growing. The NAU83620, with its higher power capacity and Klippel Controlled Sound technology, is exceptionally well-suited for these applications. It can drive speakers to produce room-filling sound, maintaining clarity and depth even at high volumes, which is essential for smart and portable speakers designed for a high-quality audio experience in various environments.

Audio Enhancement for Consumer Electronics: Beyond these specific devices, the NAU83G10 and NAU83620 amplifiers offer significant benefits to a wide range of consumer electronics that require high-quality audio output. From wearable devices to home entertainment systems, these smart amplifiers can be integrated to improve sound quality, providing a more immersive listening experience for end-users.

Mobile Phones, Tablets Laptops: In the realm of portable browsing devices, space is at a premium, and power efficiency is paramount. The NAU83G10, with its compact design and integrated boost converter, is perfectly suited for these applications, offering a superior audio experience without compromising on battery life. Its ability to deliver clear, powerful sound from a small footprint makes it an ideal choice for devices where space and power are critical considerations.

Future-Proofing Audio Designs: Flexibility and Scalability of Nuvoton's Smart Amplifiers

The NAU83G10 and NAU83620 smart amplifiers from Nuvoton are not just about superior current performance; they also offer an array of features that ensure audio designs are future-proof. We explore how these smart amplifiers enable designers to create audio systems that are adaptable, scalable, and capable of meeting the demands of tomorrow's audio applications.

Adaptable Power and Performance: The wide range of supply voltages supported by the NAU83G10 and NAU83620 amplifiers allows them to adapt to different power requirements, making them suitable for everything from battery-powered portable devices to mains-powered home audio systems. This adaptability ensures that audio solutions designed today will continue to be relevant as power standards and consumer expectations evolve.

Scalable Audio Processing Capabilities: The advanced DSP core at the heart of these amplifiers offers scalable audio processing, capable of handling simple audio enhancement tasks as well as complex, computationally intensive algorithms. This scalability means that audio solutions can be upgraded or enhanced through software updates, extending the product lifecycle and reducing the need for hardware revisions.

Highly Integrated, Space-Saving Designs: The integration of multiple functions within the NAU83G10 and NAU83620 amplifiers, such as DSP, ADCs, and DACs, reduces the need for external components, saving space on the PCB. This integration is especially beneficial in the design of compact audio devices where space is at a premium, and it also simplifies the design process, accelerating time to market for new products.

Protection Features for Long-Term Reliability: The comprehensive protection features built into these amplifiers, including overcurrent, overvoltage, and thermal protection, ensure the long-term reliability of audio products. By safeguarding against potential damage, these features help maintain consistent performance over the lifespan of the device, making them a wise investment for future-proofing audio designs.

Klippel Controlled Sound for Enhanced Audio Quality: The inclusion of Klippel Controlled Sound technology ensures that audio quality does not degrade over time. By actively compensating for speaker non-linearities and wear, KCS technology helps maintain the original sound quality, ensuring that audio devices continue to meet or exceed consumer expectations for years to come.

Ease of Integration into Existing and Future Systems: The digital interfaces and programming flexibility of the NAU83G10 and NAU83620 make them easy to integrate into a wide range of audio systems. This ease of integration, combined with their adaptability and scalability, ensures that audio solutions based on these amplifiers can evolve alongside advancements in audio technology and consumer preferences.

Summary Benefits of Nuvoton Smart Amp Versus "Dumb" Class D

Dumb Class D + Speaker

Smart Amp + Speaker


Use a matching amplifier; for example: 5W dumb audio amplifier is paired with 5W speaker.

Higher power smart amp can be used; for example 20W smart amp can even drive 5W speaker to get almost 20W performance.

No need to use a big speaker device to achieve more bass and loudness.

Use a stiff suspension speaker to avoid the speaker damage in case the speaker is driven too far above a desired operating speaker displacement range (Xmax).

It is OK to use a soft suspension speaker because of a precise speaker control.  And, the soft suspension can produce more loudness out of given electrical inputs.

A longer battery by utilising more efficient soft-suspension speaker devices.

May use a longer voice coil to avoid the nonlinear speaker distortion, but this can reduce a speaker efficiency and a speaker operating range.

The KCS can support a shorter voice coil speaker since it can reduce the nonlinear speaker distortions automatically.

A great sound quality, and improve the AEC barge-in performance.

No control on certain changes in the voice coil rest position, which further reduces the speaker operating range and makes tuning much more difficult.

The KCS can automatically correct the voice coil rest position such that the speaker is operated at the centre all the time.

Easier to tune the speaker without worrying about the voice coil rest position.

Nuvoton Smart Amplifier EVB

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