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Introducing the Nuvoton KA441xx Motor Driver IC Family

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Image of Nuvoton KA441xx Motor Driver IC family


In the world of motor control and automation, having the right motor driver IC can make all the difference. Nuvoton Technology Corporation presents the KA441xx Motor Driver IC Family, offering an innovative solution for various motor control applications.

Product Description

The KA441xx Motor Driver IC Family includes models such as KA44143A, KA44168A, KA44169A, KA44169AB, and KA44170A. These ICs are designed to drive three-phase and single-phase motors, offering flexibility and efficiency.

Key Features

  1. Technology: The KA441xx Motor Driver ICs come with an integrated technology that automatically controls the motor current phase, ensuring smooth operation.

  2. Current Sensing: The ICs feature intelligent current sensing, detecting motor current at all times, providing precise control.

  3. Output Stage: The output stage, combined with the Hall detection mechanism, offers a robust solution for motor driving.

  4. Speed Control: With a dedicated speed command feature, the KA441xx ICs provide precise speed control, catering to different motor requirements.

  5. Package Options: Available in various packages such as HQFN-24, TSSOP-14, and MSOP-8, the KA441xx ICs offer flexibility in design and implementation.


The Nuvoton KA441xx Motor Driver ICs find extensive applications in:

  • Motor control systems

  • Automation devices

  • Industrial equipment

  • Consumer electronics

Why Choose Nuvoton's KA441xx Motor Driver IC Family?

Nuvoton's KA441xx Motor Driver IC Family stands out for its advanced technology, reliability, and customisation. Whether you are looking for precision control or efficient motor driving, the KA441xx series offers a comprehensive solution.

Image showing block diagram of Motor Controller IC from Nuvoton

The proprietary technology ensures that the motor current phase is always detected and controlled, providing smooth and efficient operation. The various package options and the intelligent current sensing feature make it a versatile choice for diverse applications.

For more information and to find the right solution for your needs, contact Ineltek.

Download the KA441xx Motor Driver family Product Brief

Download KA441xx Motor Driver Family Product Brief


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