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HopeRF CMT4531: The Ultra-Low-Power Bluetooth LE SoC for Next-Gen Wireless Applications

HopeRF Bluetooth LE 5.2 SoC CMT4531W

HopeRF CMT4531W Low Power Bluetooth LT SoC

"Intelligent interference mitigation technology, optimizing Bluetooth connection stability"

Why Peak Currents Matter in Bluetooth LE SoCs

When it comes to Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) System-on-Chips (SoCs), one of the key considerations is not just the overall current consumption but also the peak currents. These can be particularly problematic when using coin cells, which have a high internal resistance that increases over time. The CMT4531 by HopeRF addresses this issue head-on, ensuring that no excessive peak currents occur.

Key Features of the HopeRF CMT4531

The CMT4531 comes packed with features that make it a standout choice for various applications:

  • BLE 5.1 and SIG Mesh Support: Ensures compatibility with the latest Bluetooth standards.

  • Power Efficiency: Ultra-low sleep mode and power-down currents.

  • High Transmitting Power: +6 dBm maximum.

  • Sensitivity: -96 dBm @BLE 1 Mbps RX.

  • Operational Voltage: 1.8 V to 3.6 V.

Block Diagram of the HopeRF CMT4531W

Under the Hood

The device contains a Cortex-M0 32-bit microcontroller, a Real-Time Clock (RTC) with calendar function, an infrared transmit controller, Cyclic Redundancy Check hardware, and a fast ADC with differential input and PGA, among other features.

Check out the full Data Sheet by clicking the icon below:

PDF Icon for download of data sheet for HopeRF CMT4531x

CMT453x Data Sheet

Typical Applications

The CMT4531 is versatile and can be used in a variety of applications:

  • Active-Tags

  • Smart Meters

  • Home IoT

  • Sensors

  • Trackers/Beacons

  • Devices with Energy Harvesting

Final Thoughts

The CMT4531 offers a compelling blend of features, making it a strong contender for your next wireless project. Its ultra-low-power consumption and peak current control make it ideal for battery-powered applications.

Interested in learning more? Feel free to contact Ineltek for more information, samples and pricing.


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