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Exploring the Holtek BC7262 Bluetooth Beacon

Image of Holtek BC7262 Bluetooth Beacon

Welcome to our deep-dive into the Holtek BC7262 Bluetooth beacon, a cutting-edge piece of technology offering a myriad of attractive features and benefits. In this blog post, we shall discuss the beacon's key features, its advantages, guidelines for selecting an appropriate beacon, and some of its practical applications.

Key Features of the Holtek BC7262 Bluetooth Beacon

The Holtek BC7262 beacon is certified with Bluetooth version 5.2 and has successfully passed the Bluetooth device compatibility test. This ensures a dependable and seamless connectivity with an array of devices. It also supports partial inheritance of Bluetooth authentication, thus reducing the authentication expenses for customer terminal products. Furthermore, it supports two-way communication (TRx) and is compatible with smartphones, permitting smooth interaction and information exchange.

An additional feature of the BC7262 beacon is that it provides an address that can be adjusted to enhance application flexibility. This simple protocol promotes easy integration with existing systems and devices.


  • Operating Voltage: 1.9 ~ 3.6V

  • Support GFSK 1Mbps modulation rate, complys with BT 5.2 standard; pass FCC / ETSI RF specification

  • Automatic frequency hopping BLE Beacon operating frequency point: 2402/2426/2480MHz

  • Adjustable radio frequency transmission power: 10 ~ +7dBm (Typ. + 5dBm)

  • Low Operating/Stay Current

    • Sleep Current: 0.35 μ A

    • RF Tx Current: 22mA @5dBm / 17mA @+0dBm / 12mA 10dBm

    • RF Rx Current: 18mA

  • 12C Interface: Automatically send/receive BLE Beacon packets

  • 10SOP-EP

Advantages of the Holtek BC7262 Beacon

One notable advantage of the BC7262 beacon is its economical cost, making it a cost-effective solution compared to standard BLE chips. Moreover, it is especially beneficial for applications requiring low data transmission and short-distance communication.

The BC7262's interoperability with smartphones, coupled with the reduction in chip costs, makes it a versatile choice for various applications. It also enhances its value proposition when promoted in conjunction with Holtek MCU and related products.

How to Select the Right Bluetooth Beacon

When it comes to selecting a Bluetooth beacon product, there are several key factors to consider. Primarily, it is crucial to ensure the product is Bluetooth Association (SIG) certified, preferably with version 5.2, and has passed the Bluetooth device compatibility test. This certification guarantees compatibility and reliability with a broad spectrum of devices.

The beacon should also support partial inheritance of Bluetooth authentication. This feature enables seamless integration and authentication with existing Bluetooth devices, reducing costs for customer terminal products.

Moreover, it is beneficial to choose a product that is supported by a broad product line from the manufacturer, providing flexibility and options for different applications. In this case, Holtek offers an extensive range of product lines that can be promoted together.

Lastly, it is worth selecting a product that comes with efficient selection and planning support from the service team. Ineltek can help facilitate the Holtek's service team support, along with the provision of demo boards to aid terminal development and RF characteristic measurement. Contact us for more details.

Image of example circuit diagram for the Holtek BC7262

Applications of the Holtek BC7262 Beacon

The BC7262 is particularly suited to applications that require low data transmission and short-distance communication. This makes it a perfect fit for control products. Its versatility has been demonstrated in its successful implementation in a water meter solution by Israel Arad (Phoenix).

  • Smart home (light control, integrated hanging items, 86 boxes of smart switches, home appliances, toys)

  • Security (alarm/anti-theft device, remote control, networked lighting, door lock)

  • Beacon tags, cold chain management, sensing, health care, smart meter reading


In conclusion, the Holtek BC7262 Bluetooth beacon's attractive features, such as Bluetooth certification, partial authentication inheritance, compatibility with Holtek's product lines, and low cost compared to standard BLE chips make it an appealing choice. Especially for applications requiring low data transmission and short-distance control products, the BC7262 beacon offers an efficient, cost-effective solution.



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