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4 Ways to beat the Chip Supply Crunch

How hardware manufacturers can beat the Global Chip Supply Crunch

We won't go into the whys and wherefores again as these are understood. Suffice to say there are yet more unknown unknowns as to the potential effects of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on the fragile supply situation.

But the known consequences in the semiconductor market that we do know with some certainty are:

  • Delivery times of 24 mths and worse

  • Repeated postponement of goods already ordered in long-term contracts

  • Prices rising due to spiralling raw material, freight and energy costs

  • Short term EOL / PCN process of entire component families

Ineltek's 4-point strategy to help you beat the chip supply crunch

  1. Forward-planning demand for your high volume components and anticipating supply bottlenecks rather than reacting to them

  2. Research and recommend alternative components and provide adaptation / design-in support

  3. Utilise our unrivalled network of International Semiconductor Suppliers for all your component needs

  4. By collaborating closely with you on your projects, Ineltek can work with you to develop a solid business case for receiving priority support from our trusted line of manufacturers

Distribution with a Difference

For a detailed assessment of your assemblies, please contact our sales department. Why not share your BOM with us so we can support you with alternative sources of supply for the required component or alternative solutions from other manufacturers.

No-one can guarantee the supply of every component in this current climate, but we can heavily stack the odds in your favour. By planning appropriately, exploring drop-in alternatives from the likes of Geehy Semiconductor or viable replacements from our roster of class-leading manufacturers you can ensure that your production processes can remain on track.

Lead Time Overview from some of our manufacturers

At the moment we can offer you interesting delivery times for the following manufacturers within these product categories:

If you're looking to design-in an alternative component, contact us for advice and guidance. Alternatively we may be able to source your part through our network. You can also register for time-sensitive stock alerts here.



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