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ETA Semiconductor


ETA Semiconductor Limited is a forward thinking manufacturer which invests heavily in research and development, having strategically established R&D hubs in locations that have a high density of IC enterprises and, by association, a concentration of technology talent including the ZhangJiang Hi-Tech Park of Shanghai, Silicon Valley in the USA and Hanoi in Vietnam.


ETA Semiconductor boasts more than 500 products across more than 10 different categories (see below) with a specialism in power management, driver ICs and amplification. Their products are used for a wide variety ofapplications including mobile telephony, security equipment, IoT, routers, Bluetooth headsets, UAV, mobile power supplies and smart home products. They are committed to providing clients with the best quality products and services, for which they have received numerous industry awards.

These are ETA Semiconductor's primary product categories:

  • DC - DC

  • AC - DC

  • LED Driver

  • Power Management

  • PMIC

  • Interface Protection

  • Low Dropout Linear Regulators

  • Audio Amplifier

  • Motor Drive

  • Level Shift

  • Power Module

  • Digital-Analog Hybrid SoC

If you're considering ETA as an alternative to an existing Power IC or other category from the list above, you may be interested to try our Pin to Pin Compatible Component finder. It will help you narrow your search down and solve your sourcing problem at the click of  a mouse.

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