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Pervasive Displays

Pervasive Displays is an experienced provider of ultra-low power e-paper solutions, specializing in design and manufacturing of e-paper displays for a wide range of industrial, commercial and retail applications. Since 2011, the company has shipped over 100 million pieces of e-paper displays for electronic shelf labels and industrial markets. They offer tailor-made service and open design support to help designers use e-paper technology in IoT applications. Pervasive Displays’ innovations in visual performance, power consumption, operating temperature and size have driven sales growth in various markets. Their mature TFT, integrated circuit and e-paper platforms reduce risks and improve product value. Moreover, they provide extensive technical support through an ecosystem of partners with detailed product specifications, application notes, reference designs, source code and applications support. Pervasive Displays is based in Tainan City, Taiwan with offices in The Netherlands and California, USA.

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