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P-Duke Power

P-DUKE Technology, founded in 1992 in Taiwan, spearheads research, development, and production of high-performance power conversion products. The company offers a wide range of DC/DC converters, AC/DC power supplies, and custom power solutions, catering to industrial, railway, medical, defense, and OVC III markets. P-DUKE is renowned for its high-quality products that meet stringent application standards, with a significant market presence in Europe, America, and Asia Pacific. Supported by a robust technical team, P-DUKE provides expert assistance in power system design, including optimal power solution selection and EMI circuit suggestions. Their product lineup includes high-performance DC/DC converters (1 to 300W), industrial AC/DC converters (6 to 500W), medical DC/DC (1 to 60W) and AC/DC (15 to 450W), railway DC/DC (3 to 300W), defense DC/DC converters and surge/EMC filters, and OVC III AC/DC power supplies (6 to 500W).

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