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Micro Crystal

Micro Crystal is part of the SWATCH GROUP Ltd (international group and largest watchmaker in the world), as part of the Electronic Systems segment, along with Renata Batteries and EM Microelectronic. They are distinguished by their leading technology, reliability, and high quality, environmentally responsible production processes.They are a leading manufacturer of 32.768 kHz quartz based timing devices, with more than 40 years of experience in design, manufacturing and sales of quartz crystal solutions. They offer crystals, oscillators, OCXOs, and real-time clock modules for IoT, wearables, glucose meters, consumer products, GPS modules, automotive electronics, and healthcare products, as well as products for medical implantable applications and high-reliability applications. They have a global presence with manufacturing facilities in Switzerland and Thailand, and sales and technical support offices in Europe, United States, and Asia.

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