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Bruckewell Semiconductor provides cutting-edge discretes for modern power designs. Founded in 2007, they have a wide range of products in various technologies such as Silicon (Si), Silicon Carbide (SiC), and Gallium Nitride (GaN). Their diodes come in many varieties such as ZVS, FRD, Switching, ESD/EMI protection, Schottky, Zener, and SiC diodes. They also offer bridge rectifiers up to 50A @ 1000V. Their bipolar NPN and PNP transistors are available in Silicon (Si) technology up to 400V/-300V, and their digital transistors already have embedded bias resistors. They also have Si-MOSFETs for established power designs, SiC MOSFETs and Diodes up to 1200V, and some products are available as a KGD or wafer option for power module integrators. With Bruckewell Semiconductor, designers can meet all their current and future needs, resulting in more efficient and robust designs in a smaller space.

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