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Our AI chat support bot has been trained with component data sheets, some source code, stock lists and the portfolios of many of our manufacturers. It can provide instant support 24/7 to answer a wide range of queries. However, please understand that it is limited by the data that it has been trained on, but it is learning all the time and should become a valuable tool as it evolves. From the limited code we've uploaded, it appears to be very competent at helping with specific code queries.

We're not asking for your details to interrogate our bot, but if you do want one of our human team to follow up, please provide your contact details in the chat dialogue which we can review later. Alternatively, we are available to answer queries live on our messenger chat during regular office hours. It's the red bubble below the Bot! 

Feel free to provide feedback on our bot either in the chat or through our contact us page. The more we educate the bot, the better the experience for all.

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